No matter the nature of your query, the ITAM Volunteers have a number of helpful resources to offer your business advice, guidance and support.


With over 10 years’ experience having implemented ITAM for a wide range of organisations, you can check out the offerings provided by SAM Beast Consulting, owned by one of our volunteers, David Foxen. You can also find blogs and thought leadership pieces on the ITAM industry as a whole.


Cortex Consulting provides a wide range of SAM and Licensing services, with expertise in IBM, VMware and datacentre technologies. They also publish blogs on licensing changes providing you with up-to-date information within the Licensing World. Cortex Consulting is owned by our very own Barry Pilling.


The ITAM Review is the global ‘go-to’ for all of the latest news, opinions and information regarding IT Asset Management and software licensing. Founded by our volunteer, Martin Thompson, there is also a forum for you to ask any of your ITAM or Software Licensing related questions.


Once you’ve gone through an audit, you want to put in the best practice processes and controls to ensure you’re prepared for next time. SAM Charter, owned by our volunteer Rory Canavan, offers a wide range of guidance, information and maturity assessments on what SAM processes you need and how to implement them.